V.I.C. (Intro) Testo

Testo V.I.C. (Intro)

Featuring Zash Chintara

Only 2 things are promised to the warrior: death or victory
The warriors cry victory for a warrior is not an option
Victory is necessity, it is inevitable
To walk in his footsteps knees, to tread upon his blood
And his sweat but never his tears
The warriors cries through the sword stroke
His song is clash of steel and sparks
His song is not easy
No, his song is not easy
There are scars on his shoulders but where men have stood upon him
And now each one of those scars represents a proper challenge
Scars – the warrior’s decoration
Proof of hardship and evidence of character
He wears them proudly
If the one moment you thought him defeated
The one second when he seems lost and salvation seems slim
This is the moment where he laughs


Yo I’m ready of you
You already know what it is to be a warrior
But there are chosen of you who history will remember as great
But those of you who tried shall never forget
A new name will be given to ‘em

Victorious Impervious Champion