Live The Life Testo

Testo Live The Life

[Intro: Ruck]
Hm-hm, hm-hm
Yeah, ladies and gentlemen
I bring to you, live from Kingston Av.
Crown Heights best M.C.
Rustee J., a road dog, what?

[Rustee Jux]
Niggas wanna live the life, scared to die to death
Either pass me the liquor, or supply the meth
Cuz ain't nuthin like gettin drunk and high from bless
One wet the throat, one dry the breath
But yo, I can see clearly now that the rain is gone
See the Pharaoh Don, brain is strong, now he trainer's long
Interpretatin entertainers form, to explain his song
To the known population, Operation Bang-a-thon
The science is, my alliance is ultimate
Hip hop revoltin it, reckin the cult or click
The nastiest rapper couldn't even hold my crown
Cuz if he could, then they would of been told by now
Simply, I'm a rap mentor, schoolin my proteges
Control the stage, in the spotlight of solar rays
Black hood fatigue, low top Puma's, polar beige
Double barrel mic position like a hula gauge
Murder half ya staff with just half a paragraph
Then behold the rage, take a step back, fold the page
Now you so amazed cuz I call shots and throw the jays
When I die older age, God'll have my soul appraised
The nastiest, I grafted and mastered this
And just when you thought you heard the last of it, there's one after it
It's not about drugs and murder or things of that nature
Ya self claim legends, mob impersonator
Nigga this, nigga that, I figure that's your limit
Smoke weed, bust a gat, heart and soul all in it
You stoled an image, my brainstorm rain til finish
After thin hits, nastiness name still diminish
When the days blews dawn, as the phase moves on
The eighty five wit skid rose, CD on, illusion
He equals MC squared, and I is he
G Cypher Divine, born free, V.I.C.
Who mastered the art, grafted the chart
So all you're throne women's gon have to depart
On behalf of the scientifical mathematical
Unmythical, Asiatic true rapper, whose ready to bust a rhyme
When disaster strike, it's like the return of Cee-Lo
Or Wrath of Dice, right now, I'm half of Christ
But in my afterlife, I be fully Allah and you're still half as nice

Peep the way it's goin down right?
I be the Ruck, that's my man Rust' from Crown Heights
Sound tight, like when the pound strike, the clown type...
Assholes!! Word up, I can't even, knowhatimean?
Word up, you touched it too hard ... fuck it it's your thing
Rustee Jux, word up, MFC, word up...
Crown Heights niggas, Brownsville niggas, worldwide...