Bread And Water Testo

Testo Bread And Water

I've lived without bread and I've lived without water
Stuck outside the middle of the desert wishin' I was home
Long way from no where, wishin' I was somewhere
Sangre de Cristo to the Devils Backbone

I've been to California and North Carolina
Hung with the hippies in Austin and the cowboys of Mexico
I've laid up in Fort Worth with beautiful ladies
Hitch hiked on down to Tijuana and hit the rodeo in San Anton...
In the back of a Ranchero, I rode down to Laredo
Had a good time with the la posada, yea you know I was left alone
On a rig out of El Paso, rainin' down in Houston
Told the truck driver put the pedal to the metal cause Houston gets me down
On down to Louisiana, Whiskey River Landing
Crawfish pie and eat jambalaya with a big ole coon ass smile