Broken Heart Tattoos Testo

Testo Broken Heart Tattoos

You were unborn and yet to be scarred with tattoos
The blood in your arm, hell it's good and it's warm and still free to choose
So take your sweet time, and walk a straight line into
But don't you be shy, to your wilder side, or be afraid to let loose
With broken heart tattoos
Somewhere inside where it all lives and dies I know
There lies a heart, unbroke in the dark where love still grows
So follow the roads that make you feel old and brand new
If you remain kind, yet aware of the signs then you'll know what to do
With broken heart tattoos

Your unspoken thoughts are yet to be bought or sold
The whispers of time, will write down the lines and stories will be told
As the wind blows, your life will unfold some truth
Remember that eyes shoot arrows through lies should you sing out of tune
With broken heart tattoos…