Southside Of Heaven Testo

Testo Southside Of Heaven

when I die lord wont you put me up on that train
when I die lord wont you put my soul up on a train
wont you send it southbound give it a cool bluesman name
Ive been lost out on those back roads so many times I've gone blind
well and losing faith in my family had drove me right out my damn mind

but on the south side of heaven wont you take me home
cuz i've been broke down in Texas so long it's getting cold
Well I've been a desperado in West Texas so long I need a change
and in ten long years this old place aint seen a drop of rain
and that wind blows everyday just like a desert snow
like a lost bound train running on cocaine and outta control


well those Louisiana byways and those lonesome Texas Highways roll on
wont you take me where the poor man lives its where I call home
and can't you see that a breeze is just a change in pace
and money cant buy my soul because it comes from a hard earned place