Mirage Testo

Testo Mirage

I feel the wind as it carries me, above, above my soul,
into a land that I've always dreamed of,
a world where we all could soar,
it's a waterfall, i can taste it all, with every drop of rain
I brought life to a picture I saw,

So come stay the night,
your welcome as long as you don't burn out the light,
the candle I've been keeping on my mantle
so your safe at night, I can't deny
I've been waiting all my life to find (this place)

The mountains sleep as the tides slow down,
I can feel the breeze, It's all a scene I've been planning out,
you can choose if you want to believe,

Here the sun won't fall, nor the moon or stars,
Cause all you have are the pictures you've kept
to remind you of it all.


I've been hiding, who I am for so long,
and I know that I just can't keep holding on,
I just can't keep holding on for long