What Makes You Successful Testo

Testo What Makes You Successful

You're mad at her.
She's mad a you.
There's no reason
That you should be bluuue.
You should make up.
Then just ****
I don't know why
I got bleeped.
I just said huuug.
Everyone else in the world can see it.
Everyone else but...
You two!
Remember that when you are feeling
Sad and feeling down,
Just take a quick little look
At your bank account!
And when you smile moves around
And becomes a frown,
You should knoow!
Oh oh!
We're still rich and famous bro.
And if they only could see
What we could see.
They'd see a mansion,
Full of diamonds,
And a new Bentley.
So if you're still getting hate,
Wipe your tears with money.
Because you know,
Oh oh!
That we appeal to 13 year olds.
Ol, olds.
And that's what makes you