Rock U Testo

Testo Rock U

Baby let me get your attention
Cuz you're lookin good not to mention
I've been feelin' you on the low here
And you're feelin' me too it's so clear
Aye - I got the notion
That you wanna put things in motion
So the sooner we get to talkin'
I'ma show you how we can work this out
We can get loose girl
I'ma touch you some way, some how
And if you get too close
I'ma make sure you stay on fire
You need that good love
Baby I'm sure to satisfy

I'll satisfy you girl

You can spend the nite
On the wall
And if we never meet
Honey it would be your fault
Or you can take a chance
Just say yes
Cuz I know what you like
Baby I know how to rock u
Let me make this simple
If you want me to, I'll be gentle
I can make it start stop then go strong
Give you what you ain't had in so long
Aye - you see my vision
Now it's time to make your decision
And the sooner we get to walkin'
I'ma show you how we can work this out



Baby can't you see that I got somethin' for ya
Once you get it you'll flip - you never had nuthin like this
Baby don't be scared to take what I got for ya
Or else it's gonna be hauntin' you
Girl you know


Baby I know how to rock u...