Life Is News To Him Testo

Testo Life Is News To Him

Oblivious to the world that sees him everyday,
And all that love just thrown away,
Wanting all that he can't have to day
And knowing, just knowing,
Life is news to him

And she'll say “open up your mind
And let yourself fall into undiscovered needs”
And you'll pray that she can open your eyes
And let you see all you were meant to be

He knows that high school is fake,
Can't carry the baggage those girls take with them
With their drunken hearts, and broken smiles,
Promising they will stay a while
And knowing, yeah just knowing,
Life is news to him...

And she'll say “open up the truth
And make me believe I'm right when I'm wrong”
And you'll say “Darling receive these words like I'm
All that you can believe”