Ode To Oren Ishii Testo

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Testo Ode To Oren Ishii

Aiyo, I wanna dedicate this song right here to O-Ren Ishii
Half Chinese/Half Japane-see, Half American and yo
Oh what a specie, a feminine perfection
She got the sinister cat eyes and little freckles on her complexion
Cheaper than Yakuza, but she's wicked like Medusa
And she got Crazy 88 killers that'll slice right through ya
Quick to chop a head off then wipe the blood off
A long range sniper shot she bust, never let a dud off
You got a minute to pray and a second to die
You can see the image of the devil reflectin' inside her eye
But since she was a little girl, yo, she never would cry
She seen so much tragedy, let me explain to you why
She grew up on the military base, where she had to face
The brutality of her mother and her father being erased
The blood drops from her tear drops, on her face you see the smear spots
She silently watched, as the shogun sliced through her dear pops
Through his thick skull, now she's vicious like a pitbull
And when it comes to hatred, and revenge she got a shit full

Yo... revenge is that fire that burns inside your soul

Aiyo, she been bustin' off kneecaps, son, since the age of eleven
But fuckin' the enemy to death, uggh, that was her favorite weapon
And the death you paid in hell, boy, it can't be paid in heaven
You better got down on your knees, son, and start prayin' to the reverend
Bon appetit, boy, revenge is so sweet
Especially when it's served on a cold dish, but she has no wish
But to cut your day short like the winter soulstice
And a chance to receive a slight bit of mercy from her was hopeless
Oren Ishii, half Chinese/half Japane-see
Half American, muaww, yeah, oh what a species