Straight Up The Block Testo

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Testo Straight Up The Block

(feat. Beretta 9, David Banner, Monk)

[Intro: girl (RZA)]
David, David, David, David, David Banner
(2008, get that cake, hahaha
Bodododo, yo, yo)

[Chorus x2: Jay-Z sample from "Dirt Off Your Shoulder"]
And I'm straight off the block, and I'm straight off the block
Lon, London, Japan, Lon, London, Japan
And I'm straight off the block, and I'm straight off the block
Lon, London, Japan, to the top of the pot

Who got the biggest dick? Who got the phattest whip?
Who got the baddest bitch? Who got the fullest clip?
Crib in Paris, France, plus in Maryland
In Baltimore, I bought the cabstand
Up in Burbank, the crib, I smiled at Hillary
Bless the valley with the hundred dollar chivalry
Got the UFC Bodog on my catalog
Mayor Koch Records, they the landlord
It's the Digitech, you ain't get a check
You better get a deal, better make a bet
Get ya money right, what an appetite
I see ya'll cats later, about to catch a flight

[Chorus x2]

[RZA (Beretta 9) {Monk}:]
J m'appelé, Bobby Digital
Comme ta le vous, mademoiselle
La original, pouf e tranquille
Ai ont pope ordinal, ladite
Baobabs, être be on
Savait, let's get it on
Plus the yacht, we just docked
Yo Kinetic, son (yeah) let 'em flop
(A box of Belvedere), private stock
My Karachi jacket, Gucci watch
Yo, Rugged Monk, scotch on rocks
{Aiyo, Bobby D, what's up with Goldielocks? }

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: David Banner]
RZA, they ain't weren't expecting this one, baby
Uh, yeah, it's ya boy David Banner, south side to the day I die
You knowhatimtalking about?
They weren't expecting us to hook this one up, youknowhatimtalking about?
N.Y.C., straight to Mississippi, you knowhatimtalking about?
Get your money, pimping, it don't matter where you are
You in London, you in Japan, youknowhatimtalking about
You in Spain, you in Italy, wherever the hell you are
Get up on your money, pimping, youknowhatimtalking about?
And this beat is so fresh, watch this