Giant Testo

Testo Giant

(It's these people that make me wanna smash the state. grab a building with both hands and fucking eat it. leap over bridges. run waist high in waste water. belly flop into streets and alleys. make my clothes outta suits torn from the dead bodies of corrupt businessmen and politicians.)
when i walk, i crush sewer systems
reach up and grap some planes
telephone lines lace my kicks
eye level with the mother fucking cranes
take a walk and kill a country
turn humans into road kil
smash corporations with my ill step
stomp a mountain down to an anthill
bombs i catch bullets bounce
tanker truck legs
once your world is decimated turned to dust
i'll pull down god and make him fucking beg
this world rejects me / cause i'm 300 feet tall / so i hammer down your flag posts / watch civilization fucking fall