Viva L'amour Testo

Testo Viva L'amour

Asked a man for a light
and he caught fire
Bought him a ticket I was instantly hired
Bargained for a price
Everybody got fired
Drank a lot of coffee only to be tired
Thought I found a friend
but the man was for hire
I lent him a hand and led him
to the fire of desire

Amour Viva l'Amour

Oh yes my love such is the nature of man
Just when you thought that you've
looked through them
A plain becomes a valley
and a mountain the sea
And it really was them who were
looking through me

I pray I'm a liar at the end of this day
Until the wind has carried
all my lies away
Leave the answers with the beggars
and buyers
I've asked you for a kiss and
You've set my on fire with desire

Amour Viva L'Amour

I saw a fire burning in the night and a
Mad man fire in his eyes
I can't turn this man away
Es mi amigo
It has to stay this way okay