Coming Into Powers Testo

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Testo Coming Into Powers

Fuck you, pay me what you owe
I sweat harder than those
Who got handed money cuz their birth was landed
My girls dancing on the pole
Got some moves I'd kill to know
Hauling paychecks in
Brushing up on Dickinson

I want a life where I can be who I like
Look at me
Looking back at me
Recognizing who I see
I want a life where I flaunt the facts I like about me
No one tells me off
When I'm exactly who I want
You'll pay us what we're owed
We work as hard as those
Making hella dough
Cuz their body's status quo
Boys polishing their toes
Come on over we can hoedown with Sally H
Horoscope's anticipating the next life
We'll act the ways we like

Look at me
Looking back at me
Loving everything I see
A life where the gifts I thought were mine aren't prescribed by a gospel law
I build the me I want
Oh boy, when I was a tyke what a doofus
I thought I had to live my life like the cool kids
Now I got a little pride, call it hubris
Deuces if you want my rhymes for some goose eggs
Cuz who says that you can’t make dope art and go far? Blowhards with no bars
They troll hard like old guard Moltar
But I’m a star, I’m a pulsar
I be wanting hard wood floors, a couple hardcore tours
I don’t care about the whips, though I’d like four doors
And I don’t care about the dish though I’d like four course
Cuz I write dope bars over tight four-fours
Yeah I never sweat it, just try to make it manifest
Lovin’ on my fam, no Oedipus, lovin on my fans, all ten of us Nah that was said in jest
Even though I’m messing there’s a lesson
Sadie said it best

So pay me what you owe
I'll spar until it's so
Coming into powers
Girls on the microscope see the truth about you trolls
Intrinsically, you were born as good as me
I’m coming into powers