Bloody Cold Winter Testo

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Testo Bloody Cold Winter

This is the story of a family in the woods
Mom, dad and their deformed children
They decided to spend here the whole life
Locked inside the hut of ice
Where the fire in the middle heats
The white walls designed by
Bricks of water and fantasy hey old father there's snow and
Storm outside and I want to go hunting wait my son because it's cold

But better days will come for us
Days someone will scream in pain

My father is a yellow haired sage he lived his life
My mother can cook human flesh and she's very good
My sister is beautiful like me, she has got thin air
And I love my family

Hey mother maybe someone come here today to visit us
I'm hungry and thirsty a strange desire torments me

Go outside and look my child there's a gift
It's for you and your sister who are everything for me
Doesn't speak let's run together we're not fast

Like in a fable... Scream and enjoy