Daydreams Testo

Testo Daydreams

[Chorus: JMSN]
Cause reality's fading
So I sit here and daydream

[Verse 1: Sadistik]
Nightmares & dreamscapes
Sylvia invented that word, she's my dream date
She'd leave me keepsakes
And asked me if I'd keep her safe, I found a way
Now I'm out of place, high without a trace
I'm in outer space, a downward spiral state
...A sequoia in a flower vase
Roots reaching like a mile away
Either way, I don't wait
Lie Awake, eyes are weights
Visions of a smiling face
Imprinted on a prism with his dying traits
I'll close my eyes I can fly today
So high I can stay, away from everybody
Away from all the mirrors, safe from any judgement
They don't want me here, maybe heaven loves me
The night-terrors make me daydream
And lately it's the same thing

[Chorus: JMSN]
Cause we had [?]
So I sit here and daydream

[Verse 2: Sadistik]
I don't need my head, the body it's connected with
The world that surrounds or the god that neglected it
Credulence that I lost with my temperament
Tempers get flared when they're impaired
In pairs when I exited an exodus
From excellence deafened by the deficit
I care but it's effortless
I get electric in my chair when it's mentioned like when Edison killed that elephant
Yea, Evil Eve got me to eat a apple core
I tried to drown my sorrows but they swam to shore
I feel so fragile for a second when I astral soar
Above The Matterhorn & Capricorn
I walk the line like a matador
On borrowed time that I can't afford
That's a category type that I can't ignore
The night-terrors make me daydream
And lately it's the same thing

[Outro: JMSN]
I'm daydreaming
What I think I can do
I'm daydreaming
I'm daydreaming

I'm daydreaming
And I'm thinking of you
I'm daydreaming