Old Wayz Testo

Testo Old Wayz

Back in your old ways
I see you on road with your old thang
Pullin' up in that cocaine
I know you see me, pree the whole thang
Ain't surprised you still fuckin' with that lame nigga
I know by now you probably hate niggas
Round goes little shawty from Toronto
Hit me up, I'd love to entertain a convo
You know how fuckin' far I go
For the ones I love, not the ones I know

Fuck you, hold back
Don't you run back and tell on me
Fuck you, hold it
Don't you run back
Say exactly what you mean
Don't you hesitate with me
Keep it real, be honest, girl
Don't you upset me
Bentley coupe, no limousine
Prolly somethin' you've never seen
Girl, don't you worry, no
I'm livin' better, can't you see?

Baby, you should know that
I ain't runnin' towards that
Nobody else can put it down how I want, yeah
I know you the one I want, yeah yeah
Oh yeah, let me upgrade you
Know you been fuckin' with them basics
I know how to make you say my name, yeah
Make you wanna throw that right there
So tell me how 'bout that lovin'
That make you want nothin' else but it
I'ma, I'ma quit the runnin' from it
You just, you just gotta promise something
Say that I'm the only one
Say it, babe, I'm the only one
Say my, say my name, yeah