Killing Time (Live On 90.3 Wriu) Testo

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Testo Killing Time (Live On 90.3 Wriu)

Yo, this is Sage representin Secret Service, yo

Welcome to my world kid I've been waitin for a long time
You come with memories and leave with a free will and a strong mind
It's all fine I hope your girl came prepared
My facial hair is like a web I'm catchin knowledge in my beard
Not much is kept though, I let go into the dying hunger
I'm catching teardrops on my tongue from the crying thunder
Why am I younger than you thought I was? be patient
Soon enough you'll see through my physical into a soul that's ancient
My mental age exceeds my chronological it seems illogical
Full comprehension remains marginal
Fully phenomenal wait forever for invasion
Time, it ain't nothin but an unsolved equation
My mind is a prefound universe filled with curse words
My rhyme is a release of peace thought as I disperse verbs
Design a plan of escape into oblivion
Seriously I can't withstand the land that we're both living in
Come with me and give me support, supply assistance
We'll drive the distance and probably die in the persistence
Of breaking free from the age old constraints
Infinity continues, the life force curls fate
The energy drains from the power surges, devoured the urges
The fear is primal when the final hour emerges
Procrastinate and wait until the last minute
My ass is in it, to win, for an infinite
Number of light years as I fight fears that I felt
Since time began let my mind expand with no help
Trying to make the clock draw blood while I be spilling mine
Putting a chill in my spine, ready and willing I'm

Killing Time
Couldn't be no iller crime
Trying to make the clock draw blood while I be spilling mine
Killing Time
Before I reach my prime
Killing time, Killing time

I grab ahold of the hour hand that's got too much power man
Devouring my hopes every now and then
I try to break it down again Go from plan A through Z
Smoothly my mission turns into a murder mystery movie
Move me into a better rap protection witness program
Don't understand Time is no time to have fear for no man
Your whole clan could hold scams I got schemes that ain't been tried before
That's what you're dying for I'm hiding from the law
Ducking cops, aimlessly bucking shots
Open one day for a lucky hit and time *ucking stops
Line up for props I'm out to get mine with a time-seeking tech nine
Get the job done before my deadline
My schedule's tight I'm knocking off years on my calendar
Decades of game play without a challenger
My excalibur is getting cold and rusty can't get a soul to trust me
Time took its toll and left me old and dusty
Whew! Blow off the dust mites I just might bust mics
Put up fights throw fisticuffs and thrust strikes
With enough might to hold it off in the meantime
Cuz Time ain't nice I'm climbing for life so I don't mind the price
I have to pay day after day to make the laughter stay
And teardrops fade away
Understand the plan, scheme, scam, and plot
Remove your lips from the bottle and your hammer from the glock
I'm tryin to make the clock draw blood while I be spilling mine
Putting a chill in my spine ready and willing I'm
Killing Time I'm killing killing time
Trying to make the clock draw blood while I be spilling mine
I'm Killing Time