Panoramic Testo

Testo Panoramic

Oo how you do that
I'm trying to pursue that
Drop it down on a nigga do damage
Booty moving left to right it's panoramic

[Hook - Sage the Gemini - x2:]
Panoramic (panoramic), it's panoramic (it's panoramic)
Panoramic (panoramic), it's panoramic (it's panoramic)
Drop it down on a nigga, panoramic (panoramic)
Drop it down on a nigga, panoramic (panoramic)

[Verse 1 - D-Mac:]
Get it get it get it get it
She popping and dropping it
Only dancing for that poffer
Shake it faster than an ostrich
I'll rock it sock it bop it
Bend it over I'mma show you how a real nigga gon do it
Beat it down like a rumble when im done make you stumble
Then we go crazy let me so them hips twirl
Put you on my shoulders do some shit to make your toes curl
Earthquake drill cause I'm gonna rock your world
Had her tapping out legs shaking like a snow globe
Had her on them crutches
Causing up a ruckus
Call me hammer time cause my style
You can't touch this
Want to make music
Blow blow me like a trumpet
Her sister hold her hand so she backed it up and dumped it
She a bad little yomper
Booty soft like some pampers on my lap
Like Im finna beat it up
Come [?]
On the pole like a stripper
Shake it fast off the Richter
Bend that ass over throw it at me like a pitcher D-mac!

[Hook - Sage the Gemini - x2]

[Verse 2 - Show Banga:]
Uh uh owa
Drop it down on a man panoramic owa
Im a ramic owa
Do some damage owa
That ass a perfect picture instagram it owa
Finna fuck up the game I'mma spam it owa
And dig I read all of my tricks
When you leave your girl around
Then she is gonna get freaked
Now I got her at the crib
Showing me how she freak
I robbed more at the peak
She a cold bodied snake
Freak of the week
Freak of the lick
You know I get it wet
Making making you leak
Give you the best
Theres no way to compete
Face down ass up
Now show me them cheeks
Move it around do it just like a stripper
And now I want to dance
I want to put down my zipper
If I sip a little liquor
I might just lick her
If I get her backstage
Then you know I'mma stick her
And know I...

[Hook - Sage the Gemini - x2]