Hand On My Shoulder Testo

Testo Hand On My Shoulder

My heart breaking up inside me,
How could anyone feel so alone?
Tears flow pouring from my sorrow
No one here but me knows I'm alive.
And the thunder rolls in me
As the rain falls endlessly
Who can save me from my life?

There's a hand a hand on my shoulder
Through the storm however it blows
There's a hand a hand on my shoulder
Stays with me where ever I go.

Clouds fade even on a bad day
Even when the bow breaks in the wind
And love stays even when men cry
Fall apart and die in the end
It's the lamp that tears the night
With a spark of heaven's light
Never leaves me on my own


When darkness hides the light of day
My God Is there to point the way
The arm that holds me through the night
And leads me on into the light

(Chorus x2)

Where ever I go