...And Out Come The Timberwoves Testo

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Testo ...And Out Come The Timberwoves

I'm not a clown
but I act like one when you are around
This bar is my stage
and if this world is a circus
I ain't getting paid
for the dumb jokes I make
for falling on my face
for hitting the ground all the time
for all those people laughing about me:
"Oh my God, this guy is insane!"
It seems like all the other people came
just to stare at me
I act like a fucking fool
But I fell, yeah I fell like a hero
Hey mum!
It's your son lying on the bathroom floor
So drunk, that he can't get up
It's certainly not what you've raised me for
But what I do best
Tell me, mum, when you look at me
Tell me, are you proud?