Is There Anybody There ? Testo

Testo Is There Anybody There ?

hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa !

Open my mind let me find new vibrations
Tell me the way I must take to reach my destination
And a place where I can stay
Where is the love of my life couldn't find her
Show me the way to find myself
'Cause I'm nowhere in the darkness of these days

[Refrain] :
Is there anybody there who feels that vibration
Who choose me the way to my love
Is there anybody there with that inclination
To bring back to sun to my heart

I find myself in a state of confusion
Life's like a pantomime trick or a laser illusion
Where's a place that I can stay
Save me don't let me get lost in the ocean
I need your help everyday to control my emotions
In the darkness of these days

[Refrain] x2

hahaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaahahaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaahahaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa !