Shine On Testo

Testo Shine On

Cold steel rails in front of me, my steel city left behind.
Miles and miles of miles to go, it's another lonely night.
I see the tunnel up ahead is dark, it opens up and swallows me whole.
Can't see the light at the other end now. Sometime its gotta show.

I see my light shining through.
Shine on.
Shine on.
I've got the time to say to my friend,
Hey friend, that this ain't no easy road,
But it's the way I must travel, even if I have to ho alone.
I've seen the dreams of a broken man, broken, shattered and torn,
Have to stand on my own two feet, some time my day is gonna dawn.

I see the day is coming, won't have to wait no more.
I feel the rays-a-burning, burning through my open door, shine on through, shine on through.
Three days, 1500 miles quickly turns into a week.
Don't know my direction and I just can't get no sleep.

This petty ego is thriving on a teenage dream, it won't be long before we arrive,
Down on loser's street, yeah.
I see my light shining through,
I see my light shining through,

I see my light shining through,
My light a-shining through,
See the light shine through,
Shine on.