Strength Testo

Testo Strength

If you can't find the strength
Then you won't fight the struggle
If you can't cover your bet
Well it's never gonna double
And If you can't find a reason
Well you won't find the situation
If you can't lay it all out
Well then you ain't got no foundation
Take or leave this world
that you live in
It's where you're living
If you don't know a liar, oh
Then you'll never find the truth
If you can't keep it tight
Then you just gotta let it hang loose
And If you can't build it up
Then you can never knock it down
And if you ain't gonna stick it out
Well there's no point stickin around
It's a catatonic you exist in
And when your gone you'll be forgotten
Said you can take or leave this twisted world
That you live in
But you know there's only one way out
Yeah that's to give in
And when you're gone
you'll be forgotten not forgiven
Don't give it up
Don't take it out
Don't take the easy way down
Way down.