Burn It Down Testo

Testo Burn It Down

and now i wonder what's going on and who's really in another world while you're asleep the makeup you're wearing runs down your face like so many tears watch them piss away any hope for change any hope for anything new and watch them burn it down turn the hoses on and announce a new beginning tonight we wave and give up a smile as a flaming shuttle passes by outside the window something is creeping a burning skeleton beams with pride step over bodies past corpses in waiting blank it's just a human shell it's just a memory your indecision is a contribution to the cancer that infects the earth that impassioned speech almost provides the heat to keep the people sleeping on the streets warm out there in the cold in a burnt-out world tonight we'll drink champagne and dance until it's dawn safe inside our fenced and guarded lawns let it burn down tonight ignore the blackened skies pouring down a bloody red rain your television's watching you watching a blank watching a slab or meat you're just a memory it's burning down tonight for the rest of your life it's gonna be so cold