Lose The Dink Testo

Testo Lose The Dink

I haven't slept in days and I'm cruisin' on fumes.
I hope my babbling is something you'll excuse.
That guy will never be the man his mother was.
So lose the dink and tell me who you love.

He cannot give you anything that you could need.
You must be sick of promises he doesn't keep.
I have no doubts this clown is not the boy for you,
so lose the dink and tell me who you choose.
I'll take you to Niagara Falls,
spray paint your name on alley walls,
and by the way my chorus blows,
it goes heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy

It seems I'm just painting by numbers all the time,
I can't keep thoughts of you and assface from my mind.
I think you're making such a terrible mistake,
so lose the dink and give this boy a break.

I'll take you up to south Paris
I'll get you in the zoo for free.
Sorry this chorus is so weak,
it goes heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy.