In This City Testo

Testo In This City

From the rough streets of our home in S.C.
Where the tougher you are then the longer you'll live
To the glamorous nightlife in Hollywood
Where there's plenty of drugs and beautiful girls
There's no other place I would rather be
Where my friends aren't friends, they're my family
Getting drunk, going to shows
Partying with girls, the fun never stops

Los Angeles lets have some fun!

In this city you can't settle down
Alcohol, girls all around
In this city we stand our ground
We fight with courage, we don't back down
In this city we make it right
We live the streets, we own the night
In this city we do or die
What can I say, I love L.A!

Weekend nights there's no better way
To unwind in this city and drink life away
I might not have much, but I don't care
I have my friendship and a bottle to share
In this city that's what is all about
Having good times and living fast
Life is short when your having fun
So make the best of it 'cause you only life once
Los Angeles lets have some fun!