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Testo The Conversation

All is good, how you been?
Yea, we can do that

We used to be together, turned into some good plan
So I’mma be here for you no matter what to the end
We chop it up over burgers and fries
Realize, time flies, embrace good times
We catching up, it’s been a minute how are things, miss?
She said: you know, school, working the same shift
She said: what about you? I said: same shit
Music, getting buzzed and my nephew is like a little man
But wussup is everything, okay your body’s different
She said: no, I wanna talk to you, you got a minute?
I’m all ears baby, you know that I’m here to listen
My vision open and I put myself in your position

Tell me what’s going on
I just hope everything’s okay
It’s been months since we got to talk
I just see the maze written on your face

My relationship now started oh so pleasant
Every day was Christmas, he was giving me presents
And making me smile, making me laugh
Anything I wanted, all I had to do was ask
3 months turned to 6, 6 turned into 1
Here, how I fear when I caught him cheating
When I confronted him he threatened that he would beat me
Never took him serious and I forgave him for his actings
At the same stand this nigga just started acting
Aggressive with a passion, hoping it wouldn’t last but it did
When he would call me bitch I would flip
And shared imporgenous words to hurt each other and shit

Baby girl, it’s okay to cry
Never keep it bottled inside
I’mma do what I can to help
Things happen some times and we don’t know why

No man should ever be calling you bitch
You still clipped him? I’m glad he just never put his hands
Wait, the story gets deeper, there’s more beneath
Who went from making love in the sheets to hands on me?
The day he hit me was the day before our anniversary
Verbally and physically, just hurting me
The elbow, me in the ribs and twice in the face
I was screaming, I was crying, I just didn’t feel safe
I tried to call them cops who snatched my phone away
Threw it across the room, it shattered all over the place
And told me it’s fair to tell anyone that he would kill me
I felt like no one at the time would understand or feel me
Didn’t have no one to go to, my mama resting in peace
My family lived overseas, even my father used to beat my mother too
I used to witness that
It’s like a cycle that I’m living, he just brought it back
I wanna leave, I just wanna leave so bad
How could I let it get to this point? I’m so mad

Yo, I’m here to help, you gotta find it within yourself
Leave now cuz what you’re living is straight hell
I’m sure many can relate but get out before it’s late
If you need a place to stay you’re welcome to come this way
Any man that put his hands on a woman is a bitch
Any man that put his hands on a woman is a bitch
Any man that put his hands on a woman is a bitch
Bitch, bitch

Whenever you’re around…