Prolly! Testo

Testo Prolly!

Big bad, such drag, too sad
Wouldn’t last, time pass too fast
I can see you mad
I laugh
Get your googles correct
Wise mind steady chasing a check
God bless homie
The one and only
No need for phony
By my lonely in the long run
The work been done aye
Back back forth on the rugged path, aye
Automatic with the sense to forget bullshit
Who this?
Prolly ruthless
I grew around nigs knocking toothless
Proof nig
I got stripes like it or not
While moms tripping me off the block
Good kid grown to beat all the odds
Options of wonder nigga
Wonder fuck is up with this picture
Past with the gimmick
This done capped the fucking limit
Just a bidness
15 from the summit to the finish aye
On Jamaica just for better days
Trek to Vernon, picking nigga brain
On Atlantic, Kal blessing trade
Mama paving way
Understanding praised
Living blessed, all my niggas can see
Leaving names in the street, my peace, nigga prolly