Funny Girl Testo

Testo Funny Girl

Funny, did you hear that, Funny,
Yeah, the guy said Honey,
You're a Funny Girl,
That's Me,
I just keep them in stitches, Doubled in half
and although I may be all wrong for the guy,
I'm good for a laugh, I guess it's not funny,
Life is far from sunny,
When the laughter's over and the joke's on you,
A girl 'aught to have a sense of humor,
That's one thing she really needs for sure,
When you're a Funny Girl,
The fella said a Funny Girl.
Funny, how it 'aint so Funny,
Funny Girl
I marched my band out,
I beat my drum.
I guess we didn't make it,
At least I didn't fake it.
Who is the pip with piz-azz?
Who is all ginger and jazz?
Who is as glamorous as?
Who's an American Beauty rose
With an American Beauty nose,
And ten American Beaty toes?
Eyes on the target, and wham--
One shot, one gun shot and bam.
Hey Gorgeous! Here we go, again!
Well here it goes kid, no looking back.
Stiff upper nose, kid.
Let's give them hell, Brice,
We'll cry a little later,
Well Brice, That's life in the theatre,
Get ready for me world,
Cause I'm a comer,
I've simply gotta march, my hearts a drummer,
Nobody, No, Nobody is gonna Rain on my Parade!