I'ma Get Mine Testo

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Testo I'ma Get Mine

(feat. J Tiggy T, Willie D)

This is for the humps who said I wouldn't make it
Gimme my card or I'ma take it
I done paid my dues and hung tough
So called homies hard times and called they bluff
Said they was down they turned out to be quitters
Now they on a label with a yard in em
Lookin for that exit door
And I'm the type to tell a fool I told ya so
In such a big rush to sign a contract
Still ain't heard them wack ass lyrics on one track
Livin like a slob
Signed to a label and still holdin a day job
Gotcha lookin like a fool
But what did you expect from a label as broke as you?
You better get you a lawyer bro
I know ya sore, get some cold cream for that booty hole
And get to the back a the line
Of acts tryin to get signed, cause I'ma get mine

[CHORUS: Willie D]
Who ya fight for? WIZE UP!
Who ya cut for? WIZE UP!
Who put the money in ya pocket? WIZE UP!
Rollin in nothin but bucks
Who ya fight for? WIZE UP!
Who ya cut for? WIZE UP!
Who put the money in ya pocket? WIZE UP!
Gettin mine is a must

Everybody wanna know where Sho is
Sho's down with Wize Up, so Sho's gonna get his
They called me a fool for rollin with this rap thang
Cause I made a change and got up out that dope game
Everybody think I'm brand new
Cause a brother don't do the same things that I used to do
Like I ain't down with the hood
But bein broke in the hood ain't doin nobody no good
Plus the hood is fulla crumbsnatchers
Everybody lookin bad so everybody lookin at you
And I ain't carryin' no grown men on my shoulders
You either get on my team or get rolled over
I gotta do for me, I gotta do for me
Cause when you broke where the hell yo friends be?
Ya can't find em with a flashlight
Get some change in ya pockets ya can't keep em outcha eyesight
In '92 for my homies I carried the load
And got rolled like some Daytons and Lows
Now I'm stickin and movin, did my time
Stood in line, and I'm gettin mine


[J Tiggy T]
Well its the J tiggy T they call me namer
Sew them punks up just like the claimers
Some night board pimps stabbin the girlies with the weiner
And if ya cross me up then yo I gotsta bang ya
I gotta say whats up to the Crusher city slangas
Calliope west bank down to Desire
Homies gettin sessed out smokin that fire
Gettin burnt up like Richard Pryor
Lowin 9 up down 7 and Niece
Whipser sensation and a big E-Z
I done paid my dues so its my time
I'mo get mine


Ashes to ashes dust to dust