Oh! What A Girl! Testo

Testo Oh! What A Girl!

There came a time in my life
A time to move along
Left alone once more again
Yes I loved her

Images abound in my mind
They paint you like I love you
If I felt I had you
I'd open up my soul again
Now I just can't stand being turned on my head
And I don't need to be lonely in my bed
I don't wanna be around until the curtain falls
When she walks in the room the moonlight beams
From her face and all those dreams
Come along where lost love stole a parking space
And oh what a girl, what a lady

I'm here to thank the fool
Who gave me the woman I love
I hear you call her name
I really just can't thank you enough

These images abound in my mind
Painting me like I love you
I know I've found you
I've opened up my soul for sure

[Chorus 2x]