Drifter Testo

Testo Drifter

drifter -- sleepwalk
drifter -- sleeptalk
awake to who is following

moving -- like water
moving -- drifting on the wind
a drifter coming in
then I dreamt that I awoke
and all around was asleep
with eyes in the back of my head
awake to who is following,

... drifter coming in
never touching down -- never leaving ground
a twilight world in which we roam
still we don't belong -- drift on

At daybreak -- we walk
At daybreak -- we talk
ready to tear up the world

drifter -- sleepwalk
drifter -- sleeptalk
your everywhere is home
yet you never take hold
wanting to live everywhere
not wanting to live anywhere
a twilight world in which you roam
still you won't belong -- drift on