Skin Testo

Testo Skin

Mink, seal and ermine smother fat women I have a noble cause for skin-there's just too many of them The only necessary cull-Curse the brain inside it's skull Just a bitch in the manger to the balances of nature

Cover me with skin and accuse me of sin but you know what I mean
there's just too many of them

give me your skin for dancing in-hairless and streamline-fits like my own skin tatooed and sun-dyed-it's warm and it's human There was too many of them-the animals like them shame about the smell but they're fine steeped in perfume.

All songs written by Sioux/Severin
except TROPHY (written by Sioux/Severin/McGeoch) Produced by Nigel Gray and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Recorded at Surrey Sound, The Coach House and Polydor January-May 1980 Information: Billy Houlston, c.o Siouxsie and the Banshees "File", 1 Carthusian St., London EC1
Art Direction: Rob O'Connor
Sleeve Photography: Joe Lyons
Illustrations: Rose Harrison