Preparation Testo

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Testo Preparation

Guess who crawled back out the underground bitch
Out the deepest pits of hell with a vengeance bitch
Explore my mind for a fuck to give and you'll find nada bitch
I'm spitting cus I'm out for revenge fuck it, I'm back bitch

Fuck it, I'm crack bitch
I'm that dope shit that you don't wanna fuck with

Aye, that was the last take, my album is finished!
(Yeaaah! Wohooo!)
Anyways, I'm gonna get home now, watch the fucking game
Get a lil' drunk, get a lil' high!
(Haha, yeah, fo'sho, fo'sho!)
See y'all later man! Peace!

Aww man, raining... and somebody fucking blocked my car again You motherfuckers gon' make me do a hit and run again man...

Aye homie, you blocking my car, could you move it please?
AYE HOMIE! DUDE! Whatever man...