Ten Thousand Cries Testo

Testo Ten Thousand Cries

Life's lost its over its done suicide to kill
the demon, you only have one life so you
better use it well, don't leave my world
without last words to tell.There souls
taken life was pushed aside, have no
choice to face it with my eyes open wide.
There's no cure for death there's no
truning back.I know my life will fade if I
don't face my past. I feel tears in my eyes
cant stop all these cries, for years my life
seemed so lost ran for years and now I
face the loss dead looks upon a face lost
gone to another place one look and your
all lost count your blessing cuz the dying
will never stop. And it's so much easier to
push it all down. Life struck me right
between the eyes and I will remember
those gone till the day I die