Flawless Testo

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Testo Flawless

Cosa Notra Don speaking
Nigga you know whats going on
This Gotti speaking though baby, This Gotti speaking
You wanna be Ms. Gotti baby
I got plans, to put my hands in places I've never seen
But you know what I mean

Girl You Know Your Ass is Flawless 4x
I Done Fucked Around and Got One 4x
I'm Gone Pour You Up and Pop one 4x
(Pop one Pop two Pop one Pop you)
Tell Them Niggas They Can't Stop Us 4x
Tell Them Bitches They Can't Top Us 4x
My lil Baby Unstoppable I Can Not Stop Her
My lil Baby Having Paper Dressed Like Jayda Ain't You Heard
(shhhh ,that's my lil Baby , I love her)
My lil Baby Coming Slayed Up Just Like I Slayed at Verce
(Yea I ripped every fucking song nigga)
I Can Tell You Not To Hate Her I Can't Tame Her But It Works
(That shit work sometimes)
She Don't Even Wanna Layed Up , Wanna Get Out And Make Some Work
( she wanna get some paper like me )
I Can Fuck You All In My Way , Californication
On The Patio , Palm Trees Talking To The Sun
I'm balling , I'm balling , ouu baby I'm balling

I Can Fuck You All On Ma-Rose , Californication
In a Lambo , Tap The Gas , Tap That Ass To My
Im balling , I'm balling , ouu baby I'm balling
Ohhh , Still Chasing My Dream , Still Chasing That
Fell In love Your Mouth Still Stare At Your Teeth
(I love It)
Still think it's so sweet
Heard You Out In These Streets
Hold it Down For a G
Hold it Down For Me
Hold It Down For Me
Hold it Down For a G
Heard You Out in These Streets 2x
Hold it Down For a G
Hol-Hold it Down For Me

This is My Diary
Baby Don't Lie to Me
Baby Don't Lie to Me
You Bet Not Try to Be
Nothing You Not to Be
I Got A lot of Cheese
I Got A lot of Cheese
Got Money Like We Hit The Lottery
Hella Them Bands Is With Her
Take All Of Her Friends To Dinner
Don't Know What Know To Do When I'm With Them
They tryna Put me in The Middle 11x
They Tryna Put me in a 2x