It's A Good Feeling Testo

Testo It's A Good Feeling

It’s a good, good feeling
It’s a good, good, don’t you know now
Yes it is

When the down and out do know there’s someone standing by
Saying baby get up
And try it again
You can make it if you try
Someone to encourage you when you’re ready to turn around
To take your hand and understand
That when you’re up you’re up and when you’re down you’re down
To know your baby’s love is true
That’s the feeling I get from you

And it’s a good, good feeling
That I feel inside
It’s a good, good feeling
Much too good to hide
Tell ‘em bout it
Ooooo weeee
It’s so good now
Baby baby
Mmm hmm hmm hmm

When you’re far away from someone
And you’re feeling lonely
To know that person’s feeling just as lonely for you only
To know your lonely hours are shared
By someone you adore
And that you share in everything
‘Cause what’s yours is theirs and what’s theirs is yours
The little things that mean a lot
From you that’s a feeling I've got

And it’s a good, good feeling
Oh oh
That I feel inside
I said
It’s a good, good feeling
And it’s much too good to hide
Sing a song
Yes it is now
Oooo yeah
It’s so good now
One more thing now

When your problems get so there’s no way out you can see
I hope that I can do for you what you have done for me
Rescue you from whatever
Puts a tear in your eye
‘Cause anything I ask of you
What you can you’ll do and what you can’t you’ll try
I want you to know my love is true
‘Cause that’s the feeling I get from you

And it’s a good, good feeling
Oooh baby
It’s so good
Good, good feeling
Sing that song
It’s so good now
Hooooo weeeee
Baby baby
Tell ‘em ‘bout it
Better and better
Better than ever…