Grain Grippa (Remix) Testo

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Testo Grain Grippa (Remix)

[feat. Maino & Chamillionaire]

Hey, what it do
It's your boy smooth a.k.a mr. wisconsin
Maino, what it do homie
That's how we do it homie
Chamillionaire my h-town homie
We grain grippin, ya understand me

I'm crusing down on the swangas, keep them thangs off the curb
I'm crusing smooth on the block gettin on these spectators nerves
I could pull out the bentley homie I could pull out the slab
Fill the tank up with gas then burn it out on the ave
The rims with diaminds be shining, woodgrain on the dash
Never tricking off pimpin homie, I'm bout that cash
Don't waste your time on ya feet, bentley b on my seats
Tippin off on pirellis stay puttin tints on the streets
Caddy shop on them skates stay drippin kool aid n' grape
Candy painted big body ya can tell I'm gettin that cake
Ain't got no time for no jackers I put a hole in ya cap
Before ya grippin my grain homie ya takin all dat
We not ya average if ya thinkin we are
It's like a whole bag of skittles melted down on my car
And them haters just mad cause they can't stop my shine
Look at my bentley it's about that time
Let's swoop for a dime

[Chorus: x2]
Grain grippa, grain grain grippa
Grain grippa, grain grain grippa
Grain grippa, grain grain grippa
Fo flipper, candy candy paint dripper

Pull up in the range slow fitted cap hang low
Stash box in that woodgrains a big 4
Niggas know how I be on caddilac candy car
New on d bitch she ain't got no panties on
We goin get our grammy on lames down g'z up
Black bandana man lookin for me I'm g'd up
Can you believe us boys out the hood right
Decatuer, hosuton feel us just like my hood right
I'm in the hood like young chicks with tight shorts
Pull up in that 550 sit it on the sidewalk
This how I walk go head with dat side talk
For I down and just let that 45 spark
I'm in that white beamer ain't just a wife beater
A bitch so bad I might let my wife eat her
It's how life treat ya when your a life meeter
6-4 solo I rollin like caeser

[Chorus x2]

I'm the rap game richie rich
Started chasing and I couldn't pause
I had too purchase me a boulvevard
Cause my garage is too full of cars
Get goin to the vma's at the afterparty stay pulling stars
Ain't gotta brandy when it come to candy
I'm the winner of the hood award
Plain ta see chamillionaire know how to get the chromed up to twist, car posing like picture time
Grill smiling like it love the chicks
Spying up all the v.I.p they we don't give a damn about other clicks, watch n we do it b.I.g don't talk about my publicist

She asked me if I sold drugs and I told her no mam
I don't sell coke but my candy look like a coke can
The chrome be showing the candy red in my dow jam
Banging my screw loud so my speakers sound like a slow jam

So hoes tell me I'm outside
My ride so high in a fly ride
When I hop out you gotta skydive
So I call my ride the sky drive
Paint lit up like a stop light
That red, that yellow that green glow
The cat that tried ta sntach that the cat that fat lady goin sing fo

[Chorus x4]