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Testo Cockatoo Quill

Drinkin' again,
I'm not thinkin' ahead,
I got that shrinking feeling,
That only grows larger,
Day by day,
Loggers buy lager.

And I'm still sitting here,
Writing my will with a cockatoo quill,
The one thing I own,
One thing that's not on loan,
One thing I haven't sold, yet.

It's so easy just to fuck it all
and go for the mersyndol,
Or something stronger to get me back
on the wagon I just fell off of,
Another swig,
One last gulp,
One more tablet to pop,
Anything to get me to start
working on what I've been putting off.

And I'm still sitting here...[x2] i
I'm on a boat that doesn't float,
And I can't swim,

That's the predicament that I'm currently wrestling with and I'm going to win,
and I'm going to win,
and I'm going to win,
and I won't be pinned