Over Testo

Testo Over

for the outcasts, loners, losers, the drifters
art freaks and geeks, the graveyard shifters
moving in the dark of night, nothing good can spark a light
only drives you farther like until none of the stars are
how do you find a shadow in a shadow
how do you find the time to breathe in a battle
why do they say that that anything in this life is hallowed
when we spend our only free time changing channels
they didn't used to have a drug for this
now the pharmacy's having to fuss with lists
side effect flex to crush your wits
cruxes split, well nobody signs up for this
can't cut weight, your brain aches, your blood drains
can't change enough, blame reuptake
pain is your baseline now, it's unreal
and yet in so many ways, you can't feel

will i make it over again?

not enough sleep, that's bad
too much caffeine, that's bad
these dark thoughts swirling and you're picking at the scabs
and you lash out at the only love that you have

still just a rat in a cage
somehow made numb by your rage
the anxiety and panic, it won't stop
and no one understands, so you don't talk
wrote some tracks and they're mostly flat
spat with soul once, now it's the ghost of that
brood like a clutch, these explosions hatch
you find a drink, find a pill, and you throw them back
you find a way, find a will, but it's fleeting
you've lost count of the days and you're still not eating
too much time to realize there's no meaning
too much time to realize there's no meaning

will i make it over again?