Give Them The Bayonet Testo

Testo Give Them The Bayonet

Don't turn your back, don't hide your face
I got carried away this time
These eyes have burned with lust
This heart has harbored hate
This weight is overwhelming
I'm a walking contradiction
No peace, no rest for my mind

Are you indifferent?
My faith is dwindling
Are you indifferent?
My faith is written in the sand
I'm scraping bottom, I can see the lanterns by my grave
Will you leave me here alone?

Bleeding canvas, oh, my white walls can't breathe
My ghosts have come and passed
This awkward motion has dissolved all means
I'm cutting ties to keep from going back

My heart breaks in this silence
Is this the moment you've been waiting for; are you watching now?
All I have are hidden worries
If this is all we know, I'm better off alone

Everything comes down to nothing
Anger is wasted on this life
Show me the meaning behind your actions
Pour life back into these hands
Welcome to the dirty south!

Take me
Bring me to my knees
Take me
Bring me back around

We will overcome by the blood, by the blood
We will overcome by the blood, by the blood

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah