Lasting Impressions Testo

Testo Lasting Impressions

I'll wait till the clock strikes a nerve to spend some time with you
I can't stand to depend on the shadow I cast alone we should
For the sake of making a statement
Let's make our presence known
Let's show them what were made of
Let's show up in our outfits we planned ahead
To meet the qualifications for a special occasion
Today is your day today is our day
Making up for lost time
Making a scene oh yeah
You've made a lasting impression
And if it doesn't feel right
Then I just can't go wrong
I've been sleeping with the lights on
So if I wake in the night
Your picture is clearly in sight
So let's meet at the mouth for a kiss
That's so long overdue
No thanks to the two thousands of miles
And the touring we always do
It makes me miss you more