Vertigo Testo

Testo Vertigo

as soft as skin
when everything stops and it starts again
please let it go
i can taste her heart against my lips

the signal fades
and we count it down
to the sound of a word that she's never known
brittle hearts so tight they crack like glass

she waits for it
it's all that she has

along a wire
across the sky
a room with a view and a soft prayer for light
through the midnight hour
streets that have no names carry me home

and we find ourselves
with the hearts of thieves
she whispers like angels with blood on her teeth
i fall down again
i learn to love to bleed

she waits for it
it's all that she has
and i pray for sleep to fall
that's all that i need

(and here i lay
in soft and still
as shadows crawl
across the room
all while she sleeps
in soft and still
as seconds fade)

it starts again
with the darkest of rooms and the softest of skin
please let it go
i'm halfway home by now but in my head

and i somehow fail
to find her lips
as this sick game we play takes a familiar twist
and the beauty is
signals i once loved i left for this