Go Testo

Testo Go

You grew up in this country town
I'm stuck out here it's been forever
Where doing nothing is allowed
And all my friends just say whatever
Once you're here
You're here to stay
Your life is made up
Got no say
I never ever see the light of day
You're so convincing
You talk a lot
About how this is all you got
You dont remember times long ago
'cause sooner or later
Time gave them up
Sooner or later
Now go where you want
Stay where you may
My friends got a house so you don't have to pay
Why want it to change
To me thats crazy or just lazy
At least i'm getting money for the rent
Your whole life saying one day
I had my chance to go I never went
'cause i know you wanna get on up
And not go sit back
And just wait for luck
Doesn't really matter anyway
It's not always easy
You gotta take the risk
But it's better than living a life you miss
Wake, eat, work, break, play, sleep then wake
Break, work sleep, wake, eat, work on
I think it's time for me to get away