Digitz Testo

Testo Digitz

All the ladies in the club run to the dance floor (repeats)

Shorty over there with a girl
Sipping on that new .. looking like a ...
Shorty is bad .. and shorty drop a jet
She says she got a man ..
Now she is in the club and she is trying to get him back
So shorty let me know what's your name
Well my name is mister happy that you came
Mister happy that you came to the club tonight
Maybe we can end making love tonight


I know you want it just admit it
If you spent the night with me you will never get it
Shorty let me get them digitz digitz digitz (repeats)
Put your number into my phone
I'm gonna call you later we're gonna look up in a song
Shorty let me get them digitz digitz digitz (repeats)

Everywhere i turn is a hotty so shorty i will be back
Exact trying to get that hotty that just walked passed ..
She ain't got butty after ass and she said i ..
She is trying to get away and she looks like .. with a millionaire friend
Girl let me fill your glass now sit up in my lap
The .. is full of camera you're about to get them back

Is a shorty in this club that you are trying to holler at
Don't be scared .. i knew that everybody knows the club
For the single who is ready to mingle
Girl you know you wait it shorty let me get the ...