Rejoice Testo

Traduzione di Rejoice bandiera italia

Testo Rejoice

You have to fix the mind before you can bestow the blessing
Because until they get their mind right
Everything you invest in them is going to leak out
Of the crevices of a mind that refuses to change
Look at your neighbor and ask them
"Do you have a mind to change?"
Wait for an answer
If they said no, drag them to the altar
Tell them they've got till midnight to get that fixed
They've got till midnight to dump out all jealousy
All pettiness, all unforgiveness, all strife, all malice, all confusion
All blaming other people for your mistakes
You've got till midnight to get rid of every poison
That's hindering you, every inflexibility that's stopping you
From what God is about to pour into your life
War be onto you if you're going into another year and
Waste another year with the old mentality
While somebody's in the hospital begging God
For the opportunity that you have right now
You better step into this moment

Put your hand on your head and say, "Give me a new mind"
Give me new mind means give me a new perspective
Give me a new perspective
Give me a new way of looking at my situation
Give me a new way of looking at my circumstances
Get my mind ready for this year
Because when I get this year there's gonna be blessings
There's gonna be miracles, there's gonna to be opportunities
Oh, yes, it's gonna be some struggles
It's gonna be some challenges
It's gonna be some tests
But even the struggles are an opportunity for me to show off
The victory if my mind can handle the change

?Do you have the mindset to be blessed?
You have to decide to be blessed
You have to decide, "You know what, this is a day
That the Lord have made, I will rejoice
And be glad that I will rejoice"
Let the past go and step on into the future
Everything that's inflexible and everything that's not ready
Everything that's backwards and everything that's negative and
Everything that's condescending and everything that's carnal and
Everything that's holding me back
I refuse to take it over into another year and waste another
New year with an old mind where the devil is alive

I will rejoice
I will rejoice

Woah, Dorothy, I wanna tell you
You could've been home a long time ago
As soon as you decide to stop looking for answers in other
People and miracles somewhere down the yellow brick road
And click the heels of your mind and set your affections
On things that are more
You could have been free years ago

I will rejoice
I will rejoice
I will rejoice

Look at your innocence, you don't have to get out of trouble
Tell them you don't have to get out of trouble before midnight
You just have to get your mind out of trouble
If you can get your mind out, you can get your money out
You get your family out, you can get your job out
You get your carrier out, you can get health out
You can get your prosperity out, if you can get your mind out
No devil in the hell, no weapon formed against you
No enemy that hates you, no witch that hexes you
Can stop you from being free if you can get your mind out
Grab yourself by the head and say, "We're coming out of there"

I will rejoice
I will rejoice
I will rejoice