Everything Testo

Testo Everything

I watch you taking off your make-up
From behind you in the mirror
And the second that you notice me
You try to hide a tear
And then you turn around and ask me
What it is about you I love
I could ramble on for hours baby
But one word is enough

It's a lot of things
It's the little things
The list goes on and on (and on and on)
And I know I'd miss them all if they were gone
Even the things that drive me crazy
If I could I wouldn't change
So what do I love about you?

It's the way your always singing
When you think no ones around
It's how you speak right to my heart
Without a sound
It's how you stood beside me
Even when the times got tough
It's nothing in particular
And it's all of the above

(Chorus 2x)