Go Home Testo

Testo Go Home

I said daddy
I knew I'd find you in this bar
And I know it's been hard me blamin' you
All these years for my tears

But daddy
I need to know what to do
Sometimes I feeling like running too
Is it worth the pain
Do you have regrets
That's when he turned and said

Go home
While there's still one to go to
Hold on
While there's someone to hold you
Don't walk
Run as fast as you can
Crawl if you have to
While there's still a chance
Cause leavin' don't get you nowhere
You're just gone
Go home

He said son
Just take a look around and see
Is this the way you want it to be
Night after night hiding from the truth
Son that's not you

I said mamma
Still talks about you all the time
And she would be so happy to find
You at her door yeah that's the day
We're both praying for

(Repeat Chorus)

Go home
Go home