Memory On The Run Testo

Testo Memory On The Run

Girl when you left me
It liked to drove me mad
And now when I hear your name
It doesn't hurt so bad
Now I did some grieving, yeah
I held the bottle tight
But where I was back then
Ain't where I am tonight

'Cause I cried 'til a man can't cry no more and I
Think I've cried enough
My heart is
Back in the ring he's the comeback king, yeah
Forgettin' has begun
Got your memory on the run

Now I'm celebrating
Think I'll buy the house a round
It's been a long time since I felt like
Painting up the town
Now theres a sweet little Georgia girl
Sitting on my right
She's wanting me to take her home and
I'm thinking I just might

Repeat chorus

Repeat chorus
Repeat chorus

Forgetting has begun
Got your memory on the run